*Posted on 23 April 2018


Are you new to RBI Grade B Preparation? If it is so, then you have come to the right place.

I know you have a lot of queries in your mind regarding this examination. I was also in your shoes when I started preparing for RBI Grade B Examination.

I would like to help you by sharing my experience and knowledge which I gained while preparing for this examination. Here I will try and resolve the most basic and important queries which you have in your mind. So, without wasting any time let us start with the queries.

1. How much time is required to prepare for RBI Grade B Examination?

According to me, at least 6 months are required to prepare for RBI Grade B Examination if you are preparing from scratch. The time required to prepare for any examination also depends on how much you are giving on a daily basis. The more the number of hours given each day, the lesser is the time required to prepare for the examination. Also, the time required differs, if you are opting for self-study or going for some RBI Grade B Online Coaching. I am saying so because RBI Grade B Online Coaching provides organized study material which somehow saves time.

2. Is the nature of the examination so that only Commerce/Economics Graduates can crack it? OR Is the nature of examination so that Engineering Graduates cannot crack it? 

Let me burst this myth bubble once and for all. Anyone who is eligible for RBI Garde B can crack this examination. All you need is the right study material and appropriate strategy to crack the examination. And to get that you can even go for some RBI Grade B Coaching Online.

FYI –From the total number of people clearing the RBI Grade B Examination, the majority of them are Engineers.

3. What are the Books required for RBI Grade B preparation if going for Self-study?

I would like to answer this Phase wise.

For Phase 1

Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability: Arun Sharma, Banking Services Chronicles (BSC) books and TIME or Career Launcher material for CAT. There is a good YouTube Channel that you can refer to for Quant and Reasoning known as “Feel Free to Learn”.

English: Amartya Sen, Wren and Martin, Bipin Chandra, Word Power Made Easy. There is a good YouTube Channel that you can refer to for English known as Learn with “Aman and Barkha”.

General Awareness: Newspapers like Livemint, Economic Times, Gktoday, etc.

For Phase 2

ESI: Indian Economy NCERT 11th, Macroeconomics NCERT 12th, Ramesh Singh- Indian economy, Indian Economy- Uma Kapila (Performance and policies), Social problems in India- Ram Ahuja, Indian Polity- Laxmikanth, Economic Survey, Indian Economy yearly edition released after Union Budget, Pratiyogita Darpan, Union Budget, NITI Aayog recent reports- selective.

FM: Fundamentals of financial management- R.P. RUSTAGI, Bharati V Pathak/M.Y. KHAN – Indian Financial System, Analysis of Financial Statements – T. S. GREWAL (only Ratios), RBI Website, CAIIB Books (helpful in areas like Risk management).

English Descriptive:Practice!!

4. Do we need any RBI Grade B Online Coaching to crack the RBI Grade B Examination?

According to me, self-study is the best for preparing for any examination, given, you have the right study material and appropriate strategy to crack the examination.

RBI Grade B Online Coaching only provides you with the right and organized study material and also a good strategy to crack the examination. But at the end of the day, it is you who will have to work hard and study.

Now, if you are wondering which is the Best RBI Grade B Coaching Online for RBI Grade B Examination, then let me tell you that when I was preparing for the RBI Grade B Examination I have studied from the 2 most well-known RBI Grade B Online Coaching (Anuj Jindal and Edutap).

There are a few more names in the market but they don’t even fall in the race when compared with the above 2 names.

Now, if you are planning to go for an RBI Grade B Online Course then let’s just talk about Anuj Jindal and Edutap’s Course and try and find out which one’s better.

Since I have studied from both the materials, I can draw a comparison between them. To start with, when I started preparation, I purchased Edutap’s RBI Grade B Online Course because it was cheaper than what Anuj Jindal was providing. Be that as it may, I was not happy with the material and couldn’t clear Phase 1. At that point, I went for Anuj Jindal’s RBI Grade B Course and the distinctions, between the two courses, I discovered were:

Let us start with Phase 1:

  • For Phase 1, Edutap is giving no substance to General Awareness though Anuj Jindal is giving month to month outlined study material for General Awareness in the form of a monthly magazine known as “Spotlight”. This magazine is specific to RBI Grade B and other banking examinations. I used to go for various current affairs sources like bankersadda, GKtoday. But then I found Spotlight from Anuj Jindal’s Telegram Group and found it very useful if you are preparing for RBI Grade B and other Banking Examinations. If you are preparing for other examinations, then Spotlight might not be of much help.
  • Eduatp’s RBI Grade B Online Course is more organized than Anuj Jindal’s. Every PDF has an index of topics that are clickable so that you can directly jump on to that topic in the PDF.
  • In Edutap’s and Anuj Jindal’s RBI Grade B Course, there is Complete Study material and video lectures for Phase 1. Also, both provide 10 mock tests. But along with 10 Mock tests, Anuj Jindal provides a Book for Phase 1 which has 2000+ good quality questions. This book is complimentary with the RBI Grade B Online Course.

Now let us move on to Phase 2:

  • Edutap is professing to give 4000-5000 questions generally speaking which contains 5 mock tests of ESI and 5 tests of FM having 65 inquiries each. This makes 650 inquiries in all-out which are of good quality. Rest other questions are normal. On the other hand, Anuj Jindal is giving 10 tests of ESI and 10 tests of FM. This makes an aggregate of 1300 great quality questions, which is actually double of what Edutap is giving.
  • Anuj Jindal is giving roughly 200 pages for each month for Current Affairs of Phase 2, in which MPR, PIB and ESI material from UPSC is secured. On the other hand, Edutap is giving compacted GKtoday’s material.
  • In English, the question papers given by the two educators have an extraordinary distinction in quality. Anuj Jindal’s questions are far superior to what Edutap is giving. Also, Anuj Jindal has been providing Essay topics from the past 2 years and to everyone’s surprise, one of the Essay Topic was directly asked in the NABARD as well as RBI Grade B 2018
  • Anuj Jindal personally checks all the Essays written by the enrolled students and provides feedback to them.
  • I would like to share a piece of information. Students in both exams, i.e., ESI & FM score 60-65 average marks. Maximum marks in ESI & FM go up to 70 & minimum up to 50. But it is completely different in English Descriptive. The lowest scorer scores 30-35 marks and the highest score goes up to 75-80 marks. The difference is too much. It makes English Descriptive the main game-changer. So, students who score more than average marks in English clear the exam easily. So, it is advice from my side to focus equally in English Descriptive.
  • Edutap and Anuj Jindal both help in Interview Preparation to the students who clear the Phase 2 Examination. Both of them provide the option of Face-to-face as well as Online Interview. Anuj Jindal himself takes the mock interviews of the students whereas in the case of Edutap there is an experienced panel of retired officers of NABARD and RBI.

There are a few other things which you should know about both these RBI Grade B Coaching Online which I have mentioned below:

  • Both Anuj Jindal and Edutap say that the PDFs provided in their RBI Grade B Online Course is downloadable. But this is true only in Anuj Jindal’s RBI Grade B Course. In Edutap’s RBI Grade B course, only the Summary Sheets are Downloadable and not the entire course.
  • Both Anuj Jindal and Edutap use the same platform and have similar Mobile Applications.
  • Anuj Jindal has a Telegram Group only for Enrolled Students wherein he personally addresses all the queries of the students. For some major queries, he conducts Live Sessions on Saturday or Sunday so that working students do not face any problem.
  • Now at last if we talk about the result. Edutap claims that they had 72 selections in RBI Grade B 2018. But on their website, they only showcase the names of 13 students. Whereas Anuj Jindal claims that he had 26 selections in RBI Grade B 2018, and he showcases all the 26 names on his website. Out of these 26 students, 4 of them were in the top 10 of RBI Grade B 2018. On the other hand, Edutap doesn’t have any toppers.


  1. shivam

    hey, this content is amazing

  2. Ayush

    Shi bola bhai. Self study is the best but i am a working person. So it is very difficult to get the time for self study. So i bought anuj sir’s course. It is amazing.

  3. Ramesh

    I have not bought Anuj jindal course but edutap’s course is also fine. Good enough for RBI Grade B. So i am pretty satified

  4. Anonymous

    Anuj sir ka content edutap se bhot better hai. Maine bhi edutap ki rbi grade b coaching li thi. bhot bekar thi. Fir anuj sir ki li ek friend ke sath.

  5. Vikram sharma

    Thankyou for the content.
    You are right Anuj Jindal’s course is more comprehensive.

  6. Anonymous

    I had a very similar experience. I have tried both Anuj Jindal and Edutap, and found Anuj Jindal to be much more comprehensive and worthy.

  7. Anonymous

    You made the point bro. Anujjindal course for RBI grade B is much better than that of Edutap. Though I enrolled for Edutap course I prepared completely from anujjindal course which one of my friend shared with me.
    Edutap is making a lot of bogus claims which are not true.

  8. Anonymous

    I have appeared for the RBI Grade B exam this year and I took the edutap course and trust me it is of no use. They have not even updated the content based on the recent trends then one of my friend introduced me to the Anuj Jindal channel and content was very systematically covered with regular updates on general awareness. I could score the maximum in General awareness through their Spotlight.

    I would duly suggest everyone to be continuous with their study plan and go with Anuj Jindal Sir’s course. You are not going to regret it.

  9. AG

    You’re correct! I have had the same experience. The content given by Anuj Sir is far more comprehensive yet succinct. I bought the course from Edutap first but with time I realised I’m not benefiting when it comes to mocks. I took this up with Edutap and sought refund, not only did they rebuke my claims, but also discouraged me that the course has been prepared ’meticulously’ and the problem is with me and my comprehension capabilities. My confidence level fell really low. But then to help my own self I took the decision of trying another course by Anuj Sir. So that I don’t get defrauded again, I went through his free material and also his YouTube videos at first. On being satisfied, I purchased the course. It is really something!

  10. Anonymous

    I purchased edutap’s course but the way they have structured their course is not satisfactory. In case of Anuj Jindal’s course, first thing that I liked is the way he has structured his course. All the topics have downloadable pdfs and videos too! These videos saved plenty of my time and through PDFs, I could read every topic numerous times.

  11. sethi

    ye books sarre poori poori padhni padengi?

  12. ankit

    main engineering ka student hun. Mujhe finance bilkul nhi aata. And upper likha hai ki engineers jyada nikalte hain rbi. Kaise padhein? Bilkul samjh nhi aa rha. pls reply.

  13. ali

    It takes alot of time to ready a single newspaper. How can we read 2-3 newspapers you mentioned on a regular basis?